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I love enabling and unpacking what makes you shine 


Wholehearted Leadership 

How do I challenge myself to reach my potential, prioritize what is important to me and live in alignment with who I am? - That is the big question.

At this point you know there is more and you know that your success depend on your willingness to grow and how open you are to look inside. When you feel aligned and in connection to yourself and others you thrive, this is what you are looking for and now you feel ready to take the next step and learn tools that are effective and will get you there. 

When you partner with me as your coach we will start by getting clear on your vision and mission (goals + action plan) and from there we work on your mindset, beliefs and compass to ensure you reach your goal.

Radical Collaboration ® 

I facilitate the 3-day Radical Collaboration Workshop, a workshop that is used worldwide in organizations such as for Example Yara

The program is designed to teach five very practical and immediately useful skills essential to building more effective collaborative relationships between individuals and within teams and organizations. 

Collaborative Intention, Truthfulness, Self-Accountability, Self-Awareness and Interest-Based Problem Solving are the skills you learn in this workshop.

Sign up for the 3-Day Radical Collaboration Training in Norway 14-16. Nov

Leadership Coach Andrea Altier

Hi, I’m Andrea!
I help committed individuals, leaders, and teams to reach their goals. I feel energized when I work with people that are curious, open, willing to explore, and want to build a collaborative culture. 

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When we grow we have more to give to others

Do you want more balance and increased flow? 

 When you decide to work with a professional coach you give yourself time to think, and increase your mental capacity because thinking with a partner challenges your existing thinking patterns. It is like opening up a box and discover what is inside. You increase your self-awareness, discover new perspectives and challenge yourself in ways you could not come up with on your own. All in benefit of reaching your goals, achieve more balance and increased flow. 

About you 

  • You are committed to your own growth 
  • You are curious, open to learning and self exploration
  • You want to show up as your true self and live with a sense of fulfillment
  • You want to develop your wholeheartedness as a leader and in life 

Time to think

  • You feel drained when you are constantly feeling stressed and there is no time to think.
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and others when everything is about doing the next task at hand
  • When there is no time to think your energy is spent on thoughtless action

Internal vs External Conflicts

  • You experience internal conflict when your list of demands and challenges keeps growing
  • You find yourself either pulling back and avoiding situations or sometimes even handling situations in a less satisfying way
  • Time and time again you experience that this does not give the outcome that you most want. 

What you want

  • You know you want to show up as your true self
  • You want to succeed, build strong supportive relationships, and have more opportunities come in your direction. 
  • You want full self-expression and expand your awareness
  • You want those limiting beliefs to stop holding you back  
  • You want to be open, vulnerable, and honest.
  • You want to be able to say yes and no to what matters most for you
  • You want to learn and grow so that you have more to give others
More about coaching

"Coaching with Andrea is like opening all registers in your system to be fully present so you can use all your brainpower to really understand yourself."

- Senior Manager, Yara

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